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Martha Bashford | Manhattan Prosecutor: It was a significant piece of evidence, but not standing alone.Equally incriminating was the evidence left on her body.Marianne Connelly to reporters: It was a poor exchange of my daughter's life, but maybe it will save someone else's by him being gone. The jury had been improperly told about Alcala's prior sex crimes, including the attack on Tali. The Samsoe family was steadfast in the face of a second trial for the murder of Robin. Marianne Connelly | Robin Samsoe's mother [in tears]: He killed my child, child.Six years after the first verdict, a clean-cut Rodney Alcala was convicted a second time. Alcala had been on San Quentin's death row since 1980.He says, "There was no hair."A fire crew conducting routine fire prevention maintenance found Robin's remains in a remote location more than 40 miles from where she was last seen. A: There were 12 days for the animals to scavenge Robin's remains. Police learned Alcala had rented the storage facility and moved his belongings there nine days after Robin Samsoe's remains were discovered.By the time the fire crew actually found her body, she was just bones. Bridget's description resulted in this composite sketch, which was released to the media all over Southern California. Matt Murphy: Buried under all the stuff was this tiny little silk bag filled with earrings. But when police showed the jewelry to Robin's mother, she recognized a pair of gold ball studs that she said Robin often borrowed.They say, "A check at this address failed to reveal any contact with Christine Ruth Thornton." …the Social Security Administration -- I contacted them asking if there was any employment record and there never had been an employment record.

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…I always thought that he had done something to her.

Now, with a second conviction and a second death sentence, he was prepared to appeal all over again.