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02-Jul-2020 10:55

Depending on your credit score, you may qualify for competitive interest rates on your personal loan that are lower than what you’d get with a credit card.

e Statements are convenient, secure and manageable.

You can also call Lending Club at 800-630-1663 and provide authorization for Lending Club Patient Solutions to ask for the itemized bill from your medical provider When services are not rendered and a full refund is due, you will need to contact your medical provider to initiate the refund process with Lending Club Patient Solutions.

The medical provider will contact Lending Club Patient Solutions to arrange for a refund on your loan.

Should you have trouble reaching your medical provider, please call Lending Club Patient Solutions Customer Care at (800) 630-1663.

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There are several benefits to enrolling in Automated Payments.

All other transactions except loan payments submitted after p.m.