Dating asking for loan money

02-Aug-2020 18:22

That’s what happened to Donna La Bella of New Jersey when she discovered that a potential new flame, close to age 40, was living at home with his parents.“He tried to play it off like it was a basement apartment, but when we were chatting, it came out that there was no kitchen or bathroom.If it seems as if he ducks the question or gets defensive, your suspicions are probably warranted, says Spira.Some people are “superficial spenders” who like to give people the impression they are more successful or wealthy than they really are, says Duran.Or worse – that your date’s expensive taste is not something you can or want to keep up with.Further investigation: If you otherwise enjoyed the person’s company, a second or third date should help reveal if there’s a pattern of overspending to be concerned about, or if she is just trying to make a good first impression.

“It might mean that he doesn’t have very good credit, so he has to use cash to pay for things,” says Bossler.

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Deciding whether to build a future with someone goes beyond just physical attraction and common interests.

Further investigation: While you don’t want to probe too much after just a date or two, you can try suggesting activities in a few different price ranges to get a sense of what the other person feels financially comfortable with, says Spira.

He might show some relief that you’re OK with grabbing a coffee and seeing a matinee movie, rather than the more expensive dinner and club night.

You may just want to come out and ask (in a lighthearted way) how she manages to afford such splurges.