Dating a guild guitar

15-Mar-2020 23:35

CITES (Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species) is a global organization that maintains the health of our plant’s species and ecosystems by regulating international trade of wildlife (both flora and fauna).

As of January 2017, CITES determined that rosewood will be protected, requiring new certification for any product that contains rosewood.

Most commonly, Guild uses spruce, rosewood, mahogany and maple.

There are different types of each of these woods, with each variation sounding slightly different.

We came up with this handy dandy naming chart, taking Guild’s historical & flagship models into consideration.

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We are also Lacey act compliant which prohibits trade in wildlife, fish, and plants that have been illegally taken, possessed, transported, or sold. Once we have our feet planted in the new factory and all appropriate permits are in place, we will definitely be offering public tours – we just need some time to get there!On this page we try to help as much as possible to add some resources to help that search become as prosperous as possible.Most of this info was from the company websites so it should be accurate. We've included pages on some of the most popular brands with info on serial number identification. Expect these changes to show up in the market in the summer of 2018 (varies by model).

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All of our wood is sustainably harvested and sourced.

Dating a guitar or amp can be a very exasperating experience.