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Kelly's best musical for me is "Singin In the Rain", released after "American".

I think one of the problems with "American" is the final 20 minute ballet.

Everything changed when Philippe and I were buying a grilled chicken and I noticed that one type cost a lot more per-kilo than all the rest; If there were a , or the way they are raised, even I have started to pay the premium price for our family So what is it about the chickens from Bresse that makes them more expensive?

They are so delicious and tender that they’ve been famous since the 1600s when the Duc de Savoie offered the most plump roosters from Bresse to King Henri IV, who praised them highly.

The soil of Bresse dates back to the tertiary period in geologogic terms, which means it has very little chalk.

In contrast, the soil from the nearby village of La Dombe is strikingly different, containing a large amount of chalk.

They are raised exclusively in the small town of Bresse, which lies in the east of France.

: the particular and localized combination of soil, climate and ecology that defines this micro region.

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Yet another problem is Leslie Caron, who is terrible in her acting debut.I am lovingly tormented with exclamations like this: ‘Remember when mom bought a bunch of frozen fish to feed us, until our grandmother found out…’ or ‘when mom bought Comté cheese produced from cow’s milk! What a lesson that Comté was – and after studying the cheese closely, I was amazed at what I learned about the care that goes into food production in France.In fact, this extreme attention to detail and quality is common in so many types of French food, one of which I’m about to share with you!She had yet to develop as an actress (her later films include "Gigi" and "The L-Shaped Room", much better performances) but her dancing is great and that is enough for now.

But there are several good things about "An American in Paris". With songs like "S' Wonderful", "Our Love Is Here To Stay", and the final ballet, you would have to have a heart of stone NOT to love these.Poultry is one of my favourite basic meats to cook with, as you’ve noticed from the recipes I’ve shared over the years: Chicken with Gingerbread Crust and Mustard Sauce, and Maple-Roasted Turkey with Sage, Bacon, and Cornbread Stuffing.

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