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18-Feb-2020 12:21

I am currently taking tramadol and amitriptyline for when I go to bed.

from waking up in a morning I have stiff joints and struggle to move with my ankles and when it comes to about 2pm in the afternoon my feet swell up and have this burning from them with sharp shooting pains going up my calf and stiffness, also sometimes at work I have to place an hot water bottle on my feet because they are so cold and don’t seem to get warm but the doctors just say have to live with it, does anyone else have this?

I am wearing the shoes that I get made for me but I don’t think they work because I still have pain.

I can’t even play football with my little boy in the park for longer than 10mins because I know the next day I am not going to be able to move freely with my feet.

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