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01-Apr-2020 18:50

It’s a little bit more sophisticated than I wore most of my life,” she says.According to Dorrie Jacobson, Senior Style Bible was created to inspire a more modern approach to fashion.In New York, The Row included models in their 40s, as did Michael Kors.It’s no wonder so many smart women have taken up the over 50 fashion baton and created blogs that rival the popularity of the 20 and 30-something fashionistas.Not to be completely shameless, but we do have to brag about our bloggers at PRi ME who are passionate about fashion over 50.The publication began in 2014, and has been gathering a loyal following of fans ever since.

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I thought maybe I could save people some steps if I shared what I learned.” Street describes her 50 style as modern and feminine with “a little rocker edge.

[column size=one_half position=first ] [/column] We want to celebrate some of the bloggers who inspire Prime Women. AND their blogs are changing the way we look at fashion over 50.

Let us introduce you to what we consider to be the top fashion blogs for women over 50.

Would you rather crash and burn or have a slow sizzle that bursts into hot flames over time? That’s why people drop billions of dollars a year on a quest for everlasting youth through makeup, beauty treatments, botox, and face lifts. The men I’ve spoken to care less about how much a woman weighs and more about how much a woman loves her body. So, if you’re a larger woman, take good care of your body and flaunt it, sista! I know many really smart people, including my son, who don’t have high degrees, and many people with a Ph. There are fewer dating issues when you can communicate your wants and needs clearly and have confidence and self-respect.

When you have a positive approach to dating, it’s just a matter of time before you find someone special to enhance your already happy life.She has been a style blogger for Chicos, Six years ago, Susan Street was 50 pounds overweight. “Nothing in my closet fit any more,” she says, “not even my shoes.” Her blog about fashion over 50 was created specifically to help other women avoid the mistakes she made.