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25-May-2020 09:25

Sexual value continues to accrue to abled over disabled, cis over trans, thin over fat, tall over short, white over nonwhite, rich over poor.

I don’t have a solution for it, no more than I have a solution for our political discourse, but I do think it’s worth it to discuss how sad, lonely guys think this is their only way out. People tell me I’m pessimistic because I acknowledge my own reality. I’m not sure how I found this blog in the first place, but the woes of the normals are fascinating.

Although I delete the most hateful comments immediately into the trash, my desire for a free forum allows misogynists to vent about their frustrations with women right alongside women venting their frustrations about men. Women look inward in an attempt to take responsibility in some way for her relationship failures. Unlike typical men who are irked they’re not having sex, incels don’t grouse to their friends over beers and try to pick up girls at bars–they talk about overthrowing feminism and, often, plot violence against women….