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21-Sep-2020 14:35

Beautiful Black women use of heads and don’t ever settle for being broke. We like to hang out, be with family, be out on the town, and enjoy the joys that life that has to offer in Black women’s various ways. Although Black women may all have chosen different paths to our faith, Black women have a spiritual relationship with God that gives us the strength to keep on persisting through every challenge that comes our way. Black women sing, we dance, we act, we play instruments, we play ball, we write, we draw, we step, we swim, we design, and basically find some valuable skill in ourselves that we can someday call a talent.19) Beautiful Black women are OPEN-MINDED and aren’t biased toward other races of shows, music, movies, books, people, etc.Beautiful Black women have had to bear children, raise them alone, watch them get killed we’ve been shunned by our own people, devalued by other races, and continue to strive for a better way of life for the generations of African Americans to come…all while finding ways of keeping a sane and stable mind. Now, I can’t speak for all Black women, nor can I speak for all the men who rate Beautiful Black women.

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I am sick and tired of all the stereotypes trying to bring down our entire race of women by throwing negative connotations our way.Black women weren’t raised to be that way, but understand how we are viewed by others and are always aware of that.