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Romantic couples with a large age gap often raise eyebrows.

Recent psychological research from the University of Texas supports the notion that, across cultures and history, men do prefer younger women, and women prefer men their age or older.

While this holds true on a macro level, loosening social structures and mores are offering more flexibility, feasibility and choice when it comes to the age of the people to whom we pour out our souls.

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Assuming that age, maturity and intention for a relationship go hand in hand wrongly assumes that development and growth occur on a fixed and linear timeline headed towards a destination, and that this timeline is the same for everyone.And some simply do not give a fuck about the age gap at all.“I gravitate towards women who are exploratory, have an internal locus of control and are not set in her ways,” says David, a 37-year-old industrial organizational psychologist in DC.If you really vibe with someone, don’t let numbers, statistics, demographics and other people’s opinions limit how you connect and who you connect with.

And remember: you don’t have to be a martyr in your personal life. When you’re driving at four in the morning on a highway outside Baton Rouge and you need to know which exit to get off on, not understanding your partner’s accent is an issue.Take, for example, my lack of knowledge on personal finances and ample usage of the word “lit,” in juxtaposition with David’s affinity for complete grammatical sentences via text, and his flagrant dismissal of Lady Gaga’s artistic genius.